Private class 
less than 4 students
This class model is meant for students who expect more personal attention and are looking to setup classes in a more private setting in a studio or other locations. Prices may vary based on location.

Group class 
5 students or more
This  class model is meant for a group of students who are interested in taking a classes together either for a performance, community event etc. All classes listed on the schedule pertain to group classes. 

15 people or more
This class model is meant for dance studios, community events, parties etc. where a group spends atleast an hour learning choreography from an Agni instructor. The larger the group the more fun!

This is in particular for custom choreography for a group or individual performance, music video, weddings  etc. The choreography will either be taught in person or be sent via video.

This is a 60 minutes group fitness class for adults that combines medium to high intensity cardio workout tailored to upbeat Bollywood music.