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Quality dance education has always been Agni's mantra. Be it a 3 year old or a 60 year old, our aim is to educate students in the basic and advanced techniques of dance and motivate them to perform and broaden their horizons of creative expression. Our instructors take pride in the fact that they are able to guide students reach their creative goals.

  • Significant experience in Bollywood, folk dance or should be trained in some form of Indian classical dance.
  • Ability to  choreograph independently.
  • Be able to work with  Agni's creative team to prepare students for Annual recitals and performances.
  • Should be very enterprising, punctual and have a very professional outlook.
  • Should be adept at handling various age groups.
If you think you have the drive and focus to educate and motivate students in your style of dance, Please fill out the form : Join Us Questionnaire

join our performance team

​Agni takes pride in its group of talented dance and musical theater artists who deliver with the highest level of professionalism. Our dancers are challenged to think out of the box and to come up with new and innovative ways to showcase their creative energy.

  • Should have a background in dance be it Bollywood, Folk, Classical or Musical Theater.
  • Should have an excellent sense of rhythm.
  • Should be able to pick up choreography quickly.
  • Should preferably have an interest in choreography as well.
  • Should be very passionate about dance and have a very professional outlook.
Want to be part of Agni's flagship performing group? Come Audition! Please fill out the form : Join Us Questionnaire

Join Our Technical Team

Our productions are very unique and are filled with grandeur. Managing the logistics of such big productions is no easy task. We need the most enthusiastic and sharp individuals to manage the different production aspects of the show.

We broadly categorize the production duties into the following areas:
  • Stage crew
  • Lighting
  • Costume and Make-Up
  • Sound
  • Media (audio and video mixing)
  • Graphic Design
  • Ticketing and Ushering
  • Should be enthusiastic in working towards productions or shows.
  • Should be able to solve logistical issues in a very calm and thought out fashion.
  • Should be able to contribute creatively to the project in whatever duty he/she assumes.
  • Should be able to allocate significant amount of time before productions and shows.
If  you have a penchant towards any of the above mentioned tasks and a have a genuine interest in helping with the productions, then please fill out the Join Us Questionnaire